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Personal care is just that – very specific to you. You want to look and feel your very best and we want to understand exactly what you need us to assist you with. It could cover such things as bed bath, tub bath, shower, toileting, assistance with commode, bedpan or urinal, oral care (teeth or dentures), hair care, incontinence care, re-positioning in bed to prevent skin breakdown, and other activities depending on your request. Our aim is to assist you to complete and participate in as much of your personal care so you can remain as independent as possible.

Our more experienced staff are available to stay with you over night. This service can include getting ready for bed (wash, change to night clothes) and regular checks throughout the night which are recorded so everyone can have peace of mind.

Staff who stay with you during the day can assist you with a range of activities from getting up in the morning, personal care, meals through to accompanying you to social activities.

Our inclusive policy provides for high quality care in the home for service users living with disabilities ranging from mental to physical and developmental. We aim to support service users to achieve a balanced and safe lifestyle across all areas of services from personal care through to respite care. Our staff are trained to support service users who may be affected by conditions such as: stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, spinal bifida to name a few.

For more information on disability see the Scope website on:
For more information on mental health see the MIND website on:

If your loved ones or main carers need to take a break from their caring responsibilities, our respite service gives them the opportunity to recharge emotionally and physically and renew their enthusiasm and energy. Let us step in and help you find the right balance and peace of mind knowing your loved ones are in good safe hands.

We know how difficult it can be to obtain the right level of assistance and support for our loved ones who need special care, whether it’s in the early, mid or later stages of dementia. Our policy includes the care of everyone regardless of age or ability. It starts with careful planning at the assessment of needs stage to ensure we identify and address the specific needs and, wherever possible, the preferences of people with dementia and their carers.

We appreciate the need for meaningful activity and connection for service users. Whether your loved one has difficulty concentrating, processing information, remembering simple items or tasks, mood swings or whether they are unable to care for themselves our experienced carers have both the compassion and skills to deliver the quality care needed at this time.

Our aim is to achieve a coordinated delivery of health and social care services for a care plan that takes into account the changing needs of the service user and their carers. This means that if, in our assessment, a different and more effective service would be better for your loved ones we will discuss it with everyone concerned.

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Feeling special, looking well and feeling good about ourselves is everyone’s right. We support you to do that. You may need assistance to get dressed or to choose the right clothes to wear. You may want other services such as more specialist care for hair, hands and feet. Some of our partners may be able to offer you a more suitable service and we are happy to talk to you about it or put you in touch with them directly.

Your diet is an important part of your wellbeing. We believe that every service user has the right to a varied and nutritious diet that provides for all of your dietary needs and offers health, choice cultural preferences and pleasure. We offer assistance ranging from meal and food preparation to assistance with feeding and positive encouragement to eat. Our policy is to ensure that service users benefit from being prepared food that is of high quality, well-presented, and which is nutritionally sound. Our staff are trained to maintain high standards of food hygiene and food preparation.

Our staff are trained in all levels of medication administration and will be able to support you in: assisting or prompting with medication for service users who are self medicating; general administration or administration by specialist techniques for service users whose assessment of needs identifies that the service user is unable to take responsibility for their medicines and requires assistance.

We have a comprehensive policy that governs this complex area of care. In short we aim to work in partnership with other health care professionals and build up good community-based relationships with local pharmacies, whose advice and guidance is invaluable and appreciated.

Fresh laundry and linen are important especially for those who spend much of their time in bed. We make it our priority to assist you with changing and making your bed and keeping your linen and clothes clean and fresh.

If your requirement is to maintain a healthy diet and to have the things you are used to - we assist with shopping for nutritious foods, or other items of your choice. There may be times when a small errand is all you prefer and our staff have some flexibility to discuss and meet your needs.

Whether you are living in one room in your home or across multiple rooms, we know that your home is a special place. We assist you to maintain it in tip top condition with activities such as vacuum cleaning, dusting, polishing, mopping of floors and general laundry.

You may find that you have more time on your hands for socialising and this is when companionship can make a real difference. You may need someone to accompany you to social events or visits to friends or you may just want someone to sit and listen or talk with you. Your interest may involve spending more time doing activities at home such as your personal correspondence, gardening, safety and security or home projects. Our staff are on hand to assist in all these areas.

Services for everyone

Children 0-18 years

Adults 18+ years

Dementia, Learning disabilities, Physical disabilities, Mental health conditions, Sensory impairments


Personalised short-break care and support for children and young people aged 0-18

Our very flexible service has a wide collection of activities ranging from trips to the theatre, museums and other exciting trips. Some activities for younger children can take place in the comfort of your home. All short-breaks are catered to suit an individual’s age, preference and developmental needs.